Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Metacube Shortlisted Candidates

Subject: Metacube Shortlisted Candidates

Please find below the shortlisted candidates:

1     GET-GEC-064    Rohi Kumar Saini
2.   GET-GEC-039    Mohit Chawla
3.   GET-GEC-073    Shivraj Singh
4.   GET-GEC-001    Abhishek Sharma
5.   GET-EC-222    Dinesh Kumar Jain
6.   GET-GEC-080    Vijay Soni
7.   GET-GWEC-089    Anjali Agarwal
8.   GET-EC-265    Rakesh Agarwal
9.   GET-GEC-003    Aditya Vijayvargiya
10. GET-EC-246    Mohit Agarwal
11.  GET-GEC-059    Rakshit Avasthy
12.  GET-GEC-051    Praveen Kumar Prajapat
13.  GET-MLVTEC-392    Ritesh Gupta
14.  GET-GEC-033    Kushal Sharma
15.  GET-MLVTEC-393    Ranjana Soni
16.  GET-ITM-355    Deepak Kumar Sharma
17.  GET-GEC-017    Devraj Singh Chouhan
18.  GET-GEC-019    Dinesh Jain

They will schedule the PI round very soon.

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